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How Previous is the Mississippi River?

The Mississippi River is famed for its pure magnificence in addition to its position in American historical past and business. It’s also the world’s third-largest river basin, masking roughly 1.2 million sq. miles of water from 31 U.S. states. The river additionally offers clear consuming water for hundreds of thousands of individuals and is residence to a wide range of animals, together with fish, birds, amphibians, and even mammals.

Protecting a distance of three,766 kilometers, the Mississippi River is certainly the longest in North America, because it flows by way of ten completely different U.S. states, particularly: Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The Mississippi River flows by way of 20% of the US. The river begins in Lake Itasca in Minnesota and ends within the Gulf of Mexico.

This river can also be residence to a very powerful varieties or species of fish, comparable to catfish, walleyes, suckers, carp, and garfish. There are additionally species of fish right here which can be caught for sport, such because the sauger, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, bluegill, and crappies. Briefly, this river has about 25% of all of the fish species present in North America.

Regardless of the entire fascinating information in regards to the magnificent Mississippi River, its historical past and origin are filled with weird and completely distinctive occasions. Regardless that we’ve solely been on this planet for a short while, the river’s historical past and beginnings could also be traced again hundreds of thousands of years in the past, when even the earliest people have been but to be found.

Origin Of The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is famed for its pure magnificence in addition to its position in American historical past and business.

The Mississippi River shouldn’t be precisely like the way it was earlier than the primary people ever developed. After all, it underwent not only a few however a lot of environmental and historic modifications earlier than it grew to become what we all know as we speak because the longest river in all of Northern America.


The Precambrian basis of Illinois is made up of granite, a sort of intrusive igneous rock positioned 2,000 ft under the floor within the north and 17,000 ft under within the south. Through the Precambrian interval, the bottom of Illinois was fashioned by the fixed cooling of magma. This means that the state of Illinois was nonetheless submerged or didn’t exist. Sadly, the south of Illinois sunk into the Earth for a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of years earlier than it existed in historical past.


The State of Illinois needed to spend most of its time underwater for a number of hundred million years. Sedimentary rocks began to type; this confirmed {that a} promising landmark would emerge from the water in a couple of million years.


Illinois grew to become a shallow sea with a shifting shoreline. Over a couple of million years, Illinois rose above sea degree, stopping the creation of contemporary sedimentary rock. The Mississippi River started to emerge when the supercontinent Pangea cut up aside and settled into its current locations 208-144 million years in the past. Dinosaurs roamed most of Illinois all through the Mesozoic period, which reigned 245-66 million years in the past, and this had been established regardless of the dearth of fossil proof. That is as a result of erosion and glaciations that had occurred, eradicating any dinosaur fossil proof from the world.

The Age Of The Mississippi River

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Mountain constructing and shifting occasions make a big contribution to reshaping and rebuilding river programs.

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Of the various strategies used to calculate the precise age of the Mississippi River, it’s arduous to think about that the river may’ve maintained its pure state by way of a lot of environmental exercise comparable to earthquakes, shifting of tectonic plates, eruptions, and different geological modifications that occurred. It’s believed that the Rocky Mountains of the North have been nonetheless being thrust upward as late as 40 million years in the past. Mountain constructing and shifting occasions comparable to these make a big contribution to reshaping and rebuilding river programs. Thus, many conclude that the Mississippi River was already in existence lower than 40 million years in the past.

It was then till the 12 months 2020 when a group of researchers doing a geologic examine on the rock formations across the Mississippi River concluded that the stated river was really 3 times older than many people thought. The researchers discovered samples that may be thought of Cretaceous deposits on the southernmost tip of Illinois, at the least 70 million years previous. From then on, many concluded as soon as extra that the Mississippi River is 70 million years previous.

The Mississippi River Now

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The Mississippi River has turn out to be an ideal vacation spot for vacationers and locals who wish to witness its wonders and wildlife.

At the moment, the Mississippi River has turn out to be an ideal vacation spot for vacationers and locals who wish to witness its wonders and wildlife. There are quite a lot of leisure actions and alternatives for guests, comparable to biking, mountaineering, birdwatching, and even kayaking. Water snowboarding was additionally invented proper right here in 1920, which is why it’s obtainable as a leisure exercise for people who want to enhance their river expertise. There are a number of sights alongside the river, and guests might merely drive alongside the Nice River Highway, which follows the Mississippi River’s route by way of ten states in the US.

One of many highlights of the Mississippi River is its huge wildlife, as it’s residence to quite a few species of animals; 360 species of fish, 326 species of birds, 145 species of amphibians, and 50 species of mammals.

A few of the animals discovered right here aside from fish species are:

Many locals take into account the Mississippi River a cultural and historic treasure. With its excellent geological options and astonishing origin, it’s no shock why so many individuals have been aching to see its magnificence with their very own eyes. That’s the reason vacationer exercise by no means appears to be out of the way in which now.

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