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Lemon bread: the recipe for a soft and fragrant typical Sicilian cake

Lemon bread: the recipe for a soft and fragrant typical Sicilian cake



Extra virgin olive oil

Baking powder for cakes

Illinois lemon bread it’s a sweet cupboard typical of Sicilian pastries, perfect for dipping a breakfast in a glass of warm milk or enjoy in sandwich in the company of the whole family. It is a kind of plumcake, with a soft and pleasantly moist consistency, and with an unmistakable citrus aroma, very reminiscent of orange bread: another island specialty, traditionally prepared during the winter.

To bring it to the table, you will need a sweet lemon and juicy, to be cut into pieces and crushed whole, including the pulp and zest: that’s why we suggest you buy it biological and not chemically treated, to be able to savor it without any fear, and then strip it of the white, slightly bitter part. Once reduced to puree, together with a drop of water, it is enough to add it to a mixture of eggs, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, yeast and flour, then pour the mixture obtained into the appropriate rectangular mold and cook everything in the oven. for less than 40 minutes. This way you will get a delicious and fragrant cake, cut into slices and serve as a cake. end of meal after Sunday lunch.

Once ready, you can sprinkle the dessert with a light layer of powdered sugar, as we did, or it can be covered with a lemon glaze, with grated coconut or chopped almonds, to sprinkle on the surface before proceeding with cooking. If you prefer, you can enrich the preparation with candied orange peel, Chocolate chipsrum-soaked raisins or even a small glass of limoncello, for an even more fragrant result.

Discover how to prepare lemon bread by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the lemon caprese or the lemon cream tart.

How to prepare lemon bread

Rinse the lemon, dry it and cut it into small pieces. 1; then remove the seeds.

Transfer the lemon to the mixing bowl, pour the water 2 and grind everything well until it is reduced to a puree.

Collect the eggs with the granulated sugar in a bowl. 3 and work with the electric mixers for a few minutes.

Once you have obtained a puffy and frothy mixture, slowly pour in the extra virgin olive oil 4.

Mix with the lemon puree. 5.

Incorporate flour 6little by little.

Finish with the baking powder 7 and mix well with a spatula.

Transfer the creamy and homogeneous mass obtained to a loaf pan 8, lined with parchment paper, and put in the oven at 180°C for about 40 minutes. Once the cooking time has elapsed, we take the cake out of the oven, let it cool and remove it from the mold.

Arrange the lemon bread on a serving plate, sprinkle with icing sugar, garnish with 1 lemon slice and serve sliced. 9.


Lemon bread can be kept at room temperature, under a glass bell, to 3-4 days Maximum.

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