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Milk wafer: the tasty and crispy recipe to enhance your desserts

Milk wafer: the tasty and crispy recipe to enhance your desserts


There milk waffle it is a delicious and crunchy preparation, ideal for decorate sweets and ice creama recipe prepared for us by Chef Michele Ghedinimade only with 2 ingredientssimple and readily available: latte e honeyedto which add a thickening. To prepare it, simply heat the milk, add the honey and gelatin and whisk until frothy. The mixture will then be spread on the dish and cooked in the oven at low temperature for at least 3 hours or prepared with a dryer. The wafer will then be ready to accompany or decorate your desserts. Here’s how to prepare it.

How to prepare the milk pod

Heat the milk in a saucepan 1, but it must not boil, precisely it must reach 70°C, in any case it is ready when it burns. Melt honey and gelatin inside 2 and, as soon as it reaches 70°C, start mixing with a blender 3.

Mix until you get a kind of foam 4. Spread the mousse on a sheet of parchment paper 5 and dry the mixture in a desiccator or a ventilated oven at 80°C for at least 3 hours 6. It is important to leave the oven slightly open in order to evacuate the humidity and to dry the pod well.

When it’s ready, peel it off the parchment paper 7 and cut it into coarsely chopped pieces 8. And here is the crispy milk wafer, to use for your desserts 9: will amaze everyone.


If you prefer, you can replace honey and gelatin with 50 grams of glucose.

If you wish, you can flavor the milk with the spices you prefer, such as star anise oh cinnamon.

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