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Pistachio cheese and pepper: chef Ruben Bondì’s recipe

Pistachio cheese and pepper: chef Ruben Bondì’s recipe



Extra virgin olive oil

The cheese and pistachio pepper is a reinterpretation of the famous first course of the Roman culinary tradition, made for us by chef Ruben Bondi. Quick and easy, it prepares just like one classic cheese and pepperto which the chopped pistachios and the lime zest.

It is excellent for a quick lunch or to amaze unexpected guests: thanks to the delicate and fresh flavor, it will be a sure success.

How to prepare pistachio cheese and pepper

First of all, bring a pot of water to a boil, add the salt and pour the short pasta 1. Meanwhile, he prepares the sauce for the pasta: heat a little oil in a pan with pepper 2 and blend with a drop of cold water. When the pasta is cooked al dente, drain it and sauté it in a pan with the oil and pepper emulsion; turn off the flame and wait about 30 seconds 3.

Pour in the pecorino and mix, adding a little ‘of the pasta cooking water 4: in this way you will create an exquisite cream cheese, perfect for whipping. Toast the chopped pistachios in a non-stick pan and add it to the pasta with a little grated lime zest 5. Plate up, decorate with more chopped pistachios and serve 6.


It is advisable to prepare the pistachio cheese and pepper and enjoy it hot at the moment.

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