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Rolls with salmon: the recipe for some delicious rolls without an oven for the appetizer

Rolls with salmon: the recipe for some delicious rolls without an oven for the appetizer



fresh cheese to spread

sliced ​​smoked salmon

Extra virgin olive oil

He Salmon Rolls I am a antipasti delicious and quick when cold, to be made in a few minutes and without cooking. An easy and super versatile recipe, to customize with the ingredients you have available at home, ideal for party buffets, appetizers and summer dinners with friends.

It’s about the rolled version classic salmon canapés, and to make them, simply roll out a slice of sandwich bread and fill it with a cream cheese spread, flavored with lemon zest and chopped parsley, and smoked salmon, then wrap in a roll and finally cut into slices.

The result is a eat with fingers simple and tasty, in which the delicacy of the cheese marries perfectly with the flavor of the smoked fish. You can add some if you want rocket or lettuce, and replace the salmon with swordfish, tuna, always smoked, or with a prawn carpaccio.

For flawless turns, that’s important let rest the roll in the fridge, well wrapped in transparent film, so that it sets and is easier to cut.

Find out how to make salmon spinners by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. For other ideas of simple appetizers and fast with salmon, do not miss our rich selection. Also try the savory puff pastry spinners and pizza crust spinners stuffed with mozzarella and zucchini.

How to prepare salmon rolls

First, transfer the cheese to a bowl and add a drizzle of oil. 1.

Perfume the cheese with lemon zest 2.

Add the chopped parsley 3.

Work the cream with a spoon 4.

In the end you will have to obtain a homogeneous and compact cream 5.

Place the sliced ​​bread on a cutting board and roll it out lightly with a rolling pin; then spread the cream cheese all over the surface 6.

Fill with salmon slices 7.

Distribute the salmon over the entire surface and be careful not to leave gaps. 8.

Roll up the bread starting from the short side 9.

Once the roll is formed 10wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

After this time, take the roll out of the fridge, remove the film and cut it into slices with a sharp knife with a smooth blade. eleven.

Pierce each twister with a wooden toothpick, transfer to a serving plate, and serve. 12.


The spinners can be customized with your preferred toppings: you can substitute the spreadable cheese for the soft cheese and, instead of parsley, add mint, chives, thyme or marjoram.

You can replace the smoked salmon with cooked or raw ham, or, for example, vegetarian variantSkip the protein source and fill the bread with spreadable cheese and grilled zucchini, an aubergine cream or an olive pâté.


Salmon rolls can be kept in the fridge, covered with a sheet of cling film, to a few hours.

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