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The exhibit “Migration from South” is now open at the Mississippi Museum of Art

The exhibit “Migration from South” is now open at the Mississippi Museum of Art

New Migrations: Jackson  Museum of Art was recently opened and allows visitors to explore all the different ways people have arrived on the Mississippi River with artworks and interactive displays.

Twelve different artists made their mark on the history of Philadelphia by coming to the city during the Great Migration. The museum features their works today.

The exhibit, opening Friday and running through Sunday, explores the Great Migration from the South through paintings, sculptures, films, and sounds. It honors the ancestry of all people of African-American descent and provides a snapshot into our history as well.

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The pandemic was a major issue in 2020, mainly due to the #MeToo movement, but that didn’t stop two artists from starting the project on April 1st.

“It feels really incredible,” said Brown, a curator of contemporary art at the Baltimore Museum of Art. “This is a celebratory moment and we are in deep gratitude to each other, to the institution that we work for, our directors, and mostly to our twelve artists who helped us realize this new vision.”

The exhibition has stops in Mississippi and Baltimore before moving on to other cities across the country.

“We often say that the migration is an ongoing movement, and this exhibition does not stop here,” Dennis said.

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