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Tricolor cups: the recipe for a delicious and scenic aperitif

Tricolor cups: the recipe for a delicious and scenic aperitif



sundried tomatoes in oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Yo tricolor glasses I am a antipasti fanciful and scenographic, prepared with 3 layers that recall the color of the Italian flag. They are made with tomatoes and two ricotta-based creams, one white and one green, and are ideal to serve as an appetizer or appetizer on June 2, the day of the Italian Republic.

To bring them to the table, simply create a first layer with i Cherry tomatoes, diced and mixed with chopped sun-dried tomatoes; at this point it will be necessary to pour a second layer of white cream, made by beating the ricotta with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

To obtain the third and final layer, simply add the Genoese pesto to part of the ricotta cream. A few leaves of fresh basil to decorate everything and here are the colorful, fresh and dalla cups ready creamy texture and crunchy at the same time.

Tasty and very quick, the tricolor cups are a perfect dish for a important dinner and they can also be done a few hours in advance to have them ready at the right time.

If you want, you can add the ingredients you prefer or have available at home: just respect the intensity and order of the colors. You can replace the ricotta with robiola, for example, the Genoese pesto with arugula pesto and use round red tomatoes or datterini tomatoes.

Find out how to prepare them by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try the tricolor spaghetti and the tricolor roll.

How to make tricolor shot glasses

Put the ricotta in a blender together with salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil 1.

Blend until obtaining a homogeneous and smooth cream 2.

Split the cream in two, add the Genoese pesto to one of the two and transfer both to two pastry bags 3.

Wash and dry the cherry tomatoes, cut them into cubes of approximately one cm per side 4.

Transfer the cubes to a small bowl and add the coarsely chopped sun-dried tomatoes and a pinch of salt. Mix well 5.

Compose the tricolor glasses using transparent glasses about 8 cm high and form the red base with the cherry tomatoes 6.

Form the second white layer with the white ricotta cream 7.

Finally finish with the green cream, reaching the edge of the glass. 8.

Decorate the tricolor shots with some basil leaves 9.

serve immediately 10.


The tricolor glasses must be consumed within a few hours and always stored in the fridge, covered with transparent film. Freezing is not recommended.

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