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Pita and tzatziki: the typical recipe of Greek cuisine

Pita and tzatziki: the typical recipe of Greek cuisine


The Agave It is a thin bread with a circular shape typical of the greek cuisine and the Middle East, a recipe made for us by chef michele ghediniideal to accompany your dishes instead of bread, to enjoy with the sauce tzatziki or to fill as the classic Greek gyroscopes or as you like. Once the dough for the pita is made, it will be necessary to let it rise for a couple of hours, before making disks with the dough that is cooked in a pan. Then we made the tzatziki sauce with Greek yogurt, cucumber, grated garlic, white vinegar, salt and extra virgin olive oil, to take it to the table with the pita bread.


for the pita

Extra virgin olive oil

for the tzatziki sauce

Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare pita and tzatziki

For the pita bread: put the flour in a bowl and pour in a part of the milk with the yeast, mix and then add all the milk and all the water.

Knead until absorbed, then add the salt and a splash of oil; let them incorporate and start to work the dough on the work surface and when it is smooth and homogeneous put it to rise in an oiled bowl, covered for about 2 hours, at room temperature.

Meanwhile, let’s make the tzatziki sauce: grate a cucumber, then squeeze it well and let it drain in a colander, or squeeze it with a cotton cloth.

When it is ready, combine it in a bowl with Greek yogurt, add the grated garlic, a drop of white vinegar and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, finally season with salt, and if you want you can add dill.

Mix well and this amazing sauce is ready.

Now that the dough has risen, divide it into 100g loaves and shape them into balls, then let them rest covered for 10 minutes.

Then, on the floured work surface, roll them out with a rolling pin, creating discs that are not too thin.

Heat a fairly large non-stick frying pan and cook the pitas, making them brown on both sides, it will take about 5 minutes, and to leave them moist, once ready, stack them and if you want, cover them with a cotton cloth. .

Now we just have to try: the pita is really fantastic together with the tzatziki sauce, but it is also perfect to accompany meat or vegetable dishes.

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